What does “Success” mean to you?


Today I would like to propose to meditate on what “success” is to you.

To someone being successful means richness, having a beautiful house, a custom-built car, luxurious watches, jewels and on and on.

To others success is related to a professional recognition, to the career in the company you work for, to the awards received for your own professional skills.

It’s funny but, to me, success means a lot more and, in a certain way, a lot less.

My success is my daily happiness

Happiness at home, happiness in my activities. Every single day offers me opportunities and consequently happiness.

AS you can well understand  that means much less than “Richness” or “ professional recognition”; actually I can feel extremely happy even if I am not “rich” or  a well known lawyer or an entrepreneur being appeared on the Wired magazine front cover.

But it is much more than all of this, because I know (and for sure you know too) tenths of wealthy or rich persons who are literally “slaves” to their jobs or established professionals working 18 hours every single day.

As opposed to that I feel happy in most of my days and draw happiness from all of my activities.

For sure my path is not over and some of my goals which are really challenging I have yet to achieve.

Nevetheless to date my results are amazing and through this I derive energy and belief to continue every day towards even higher and more ambitious goals.

What does success mean to you?

How are you developing your personal path to achieve it?

I would love to read your comments, pls share them here below.

Thank you for your time!