Welcome to the “Tale” of my Personal Growth as well as Professional.

Welcome in “my web space”.

I do not wish to teach anything to anyone;  my intention is simply to share with you my personal growth path and the tools that helped me and that I am still using daily better understand my self, the world surrounding me. My clear and constant goal has been and is to improve my life, my status, my present and my future.

The idea is post weekly on this blog reflections and ideas that I hope will supply us with interesting topics to establish a quiet and encouraging dialogue with you, male or female reader, to become week after week more conscious and consequently better.

Is this goal too ambitious? May be it is. We’ll see how the “story” goes.

For sure aiming at poor or medium results is not part of my nature.

My determination has already brought me huge personal and professional results and the consequence was to set even more ambitious goals.

So, a very warm welcome to this “path”. I count on your contribution and right now I can only thank you for being here.