Today we talk about Affiliate Marketing- 3


You will say, but what is the genius?
From my point of view the genius is that there are world-class professionals who started this journey first investing their time and money.

Today people like Russell Brunson, Shaqir Hussyin, Silvia Galati, Marco “Monty” Montemagno, Alfio Bardolla and many more make available to those who want to learn and above all professionally renew all their knowledge, their know-how, their mentorship.

Here is the cool thing, being able to access these successful programs that have already brought success and money to those who created them. The cool thing is that you do not have to invent anything, you just learn and apply a system, follow the coach’s advice and keep a constant commitment on your education.

You do not have time?

If you want to change and evolve, you will find it.

You do not have money? If you are dissatisfied with what you do, you want to change your life, you will find it.



Now you must be wondering: where do I find these entities, these people?

It is about Private Affiliate Programs, they are international ones, in Italy at the moment (let me say, as far as I know) there is no platforms like those.

Currently I am cooperating I work with two academies where I got my certificates. There are no exclusivities in this activity, everyone is free to do whatever he/she wants to.

The operating model is clearly written in the bove image, last but not least, every referral (lead) that I generate for the company is “lifetime” linked withme.

So top transparency, respect for the others’ work, cooperation and …high earnings.

(Affiliate Commissions)

I would never have thought I would love to work so much 😊

If you want to know more click the link below, you’ll be surprised!

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