Today we talk about Affiliate Marketing- 2


I am often asked this question.

What can you promote in affiliation?

Actually you can promote anything: from physical products (perfumes, clothing, electronics, etc), digital products (software, web subscriptions) up to infoproducts (courses, video courses, etc.).

There are some aspects that I want to highlight.

With the physical products the commissions are low, why?

The product is to be produced every time to be sold and this has a cost, there is shipping, marketing and all the expenses that a company has in its budget; consequently the margin to pay the affiliates is low, so I do not feel to recommend this option because as opposed to that advertising costs are high, if you earn little, you have little to reinvest for the following campaigns.

network affiliazione

network affiliazione


Another category is represented by the digital products: eg. softwares, domains are sold on repetitive annual or monthly subscriptions basis; this means that, once the sale is made, you can count on automatic  incomes. Also in this case there is one But: in fact if the customer does not renew the subscription, you will have to restart the process of searching for a new customer again to sell the service to.

Digital Membership Program

Digital Membership Program

But there is another way, the one I decided to undertake. In fact, for about a couple of years I have been promoting those that in the jargon are called High ticket products: eg. infoproducts, courses, video courses, e-books, live seminars.

They are called High Tickets

because they generate high commissions for the Affiliates.

You will wonder how this is possible and I am happy to explain it to you.

It is about products that involve investment only in the initial creation phase; once they have been developed, they are loaded on a Web platform, they are totally duplicable and generate continuous incomes.

Furthermore, the management costs are also very low, so the margins for the company realising are high and this allows them to retain the affiliates by paying them well and allowing them to continue to reinvest.

I found it brilliant !!

In the next articles I will deepen this interesting theme. Waiting for it, I suggest to watch this interesting video.

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