Today we talk about Affiliate Marketing- 1

What does this phrase exactly mean?

A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

This is the meaning you can get in every dictionary.


In practical terms this is a new business model that companies, entrepreneurs, etc. today use to promote their products.

Through this image you can well understand how the business develops.


Affiliate Marketing

Aff Mkg


We have already explained the advantages and disadvantages, my intention is not to suggest you to create your own affiliation policy, it would presuppose that you already have your own company or product.


What am I suggesting then?

To become an Affiliate Marketer, that is to be the one promoting other companies/people’s products.

What does it mean in equally practical terms?

Saving you all the troubles of having to create and manage your product, on the contrary you will create your own independent business where you will only have to start a simple and fast training course (believe me, if I have learned it, it is easy).

This activity can be added to your main activity (if you already have one), or it can become your new business, it just depends on You. Isn’t it cool?


In the coming posts I will be deepening this interesting topic.

In the meantime, watch this interesting video!

See you soon. Francesca

Affiliate Marketing Video