The tourists’ rentals (also called “short lets”).


“Don’t trust strangers, you leave your home keys to someone whom you know nothing of!”

“Look, they go in and don’t leave it anymore”

“I heard that a friend of mine had his apartment devastated”. And so forth.

These are just some of the objections that people make when they hear about short rentals.

They talk without knowing.

As opposed to that, it happens quite frequently that whoever lets his/her own apartment under a “standard” contract can face the situation with tenants not paying for the rent and to throw them out they have to spend a lot of money (lawyer, taxes to be paid regardless, cleaning); or even worse, by not having registered a contract (in this country we are always the smartest), it took months if not years to get their property back. Oh yes.


I can assure you that none of the above occurs when you rely on a Property Management company.

Said companies, amongst which operates one of my enterprises provide a 360 ° service, from the professional photo shooting of the apartment to its promotion on the major platforms, from the cleaning to the small maintenance, up to the legislative and fiscal fulfilments (cedolare secca taxation).

Said companies take care of the guests during their stay, to ensure them an amazing experience and to receive the best possible reviews (but also the word of mouth still has its importance).

And above all by taking care of all the aspects related to the apartments they manage, they raise the owner from any thoughts, tasks, burdens and responsibilities.


The apartment owners just have to collect the money!!

What’s better than this…

At the current time these activities are a consolidated business, you can start it up even if you don’t have a second home, aiming at managing other peoples’ properties.

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