The real estate industry and its opportunities.

When we talk about real estate we think of classic things, as I have already told you.

That is, find a good job, so you can go to the bank and ask for a mortgage and buy the house, so nobody will send you away.

This is what all parents tell their children, without thinking that home ownership is anything but an investment.

On the contrary it is an expense to all intents and purposes, over the years you must constantly maintain it, so that it does not lose value (although this is not in your control because it depends on the markets, crises, etc.).

The same applies to the second home, which you buy for investment, perhaps in a touristic area or nearby a university, etc.

Whether you buy it in cash (but how many can do it?) or with a mortgage, the situation is not any different: in fact you have to constantly spend money for the same reason, if you want to be able to rent it, you have to make it cozy, pleasant, besides you keep an eye on your tenants, set rules with them, etc.

In brief it is really tiring and in the end there are few satisfactions.

What to do then? I’ll let you know in the next articles.

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