The real estate industry and its opportunities 2


Having said in my previous article (article’s link) that our background is exactly the one just described, we also have our own home, etc., my husband and I were so lucky, let me say at this point, that we met people who were doing different operations in the real estate industry in the Milan area.

In other words, they were looking for auction or to-be-withdrawn houses buy the property at the lowest possible price, renovate it and sell it at market price.
What enlightenment!

We participated in 2/3 operations as investors, we proved that it worked and we decided to start this business up by ourselves.

Stop getting stressed, look for new tenants every year, receiving phone calls in the most unexpected days and hours!!

How to do that? Through our ever-widening network of friendships but, most importantly, akin to our new way of seeing reality and opportunities, we have been led to a very serious, structured and complete training course. What a great thing!

At the present moment we have started up a new company with two partners to carry out this activity with professionalism and continuity. The first operations confirmed we are going the right direction: it is really “value for money”, to be honest I must admit that this activity requires commitment to research the right opportunities, but once found, it is done.

For us selecting the best opportunities, closing agreements with apartment owners and creditors, preparing the business plan the earnings are quite interesting so as they are for investors participating in said operations in an average of 10- 15%.

Said percentages are really remarkable

especially related to a risk which is considerably lower than other types of investment (stock exchange, crypto currencies, etc.).

Would you like to know more?

I’ll tell you about it in the next article.

See you soon,


(picture is from Pixabay)