HI and welcome!



In this page and post after post  I wish to
accompany you along the personal and professional process that within few years   allowed me to start-up my own company in the Property Management environment and generate profits in at least 3 different ways from Real Estate industry and its opportunities.



Just to give you the proper perspective until 10 years ago I was an ordinary Corporate employee of an ordinary Company operating in the ordinary Office supplies industry; with my Marco we were an ordinary couple owning the apartment where we still live and another small apartment purchased with heavy long lasting mortgage to make an incoming of it by renting it to university students.





IN the following years Marco and myself bought 2 more small apartments in Milano in some strategic neighborhoods close to one University, both of them by starting very long mortgages; after doing some restructuring to make them pleasant and functional we rented them to other University students.



To keep the story short this “investment model” gave us more troubles than advantages for a long list of reasons: the rent incomes were actually absorbed if not cancelled by the respective long lasting mortgages; in addition, every semester we had the task to find new students willing to rent our properties, getting along with the students already present there, reassuring us to be good persons and respectful of the furnishing and equipment that we provided for them.





In addition to all that every apartment requires constant maintence.

Our luck was that Marco, Holy him, was always availlable for standard plumbing and electric issues or the restoration of the wardrobe door or an embedded roller shutter.



However we can never forget that the moment Marco cannot take care of that, every intervention will often imply high costs of the relevant professional.


So what?

After undergoing the analysis of the situation we realised that the only positive side (positive just in the long term) was that we were “paying” for our properties  month on month.

For the rest, taking a closer look, our earnings were practically inconsistent and too much subject to facts that we could not control and consequently too much at risk.



Given Marco and I are constantly looking for any possible solutions to consolidate our incomes, we decided to attend the courses of some professionals in ths environment promising to supply us with alternative and “sustainable” alternatives.




I cannot honestly state that all these courses, conventions, workshops were useful, interesting or actually or decisive, but you know…a little bit of natural selection is normal.


Only by challenging yourselves, getting our of your comfort zone, confronting with people that are not part of your usual group of acquaintances you can hope to gain useful suggestions, perceive different visions, catch different perspectives.

THis was so for us.




If you want in the next posts I will be happy to share some important learnings that I got from my process which is still going on; I will lead you step by step along little beaten but totally concrete and tangible paths that allowed me today to generate important and growing benefits out of the real Estate environment.



For the moment I wish to thank you for the time you spent with me…talk soon!