The Power of Habits – Thomas Garry

It is an inspiring, simple and clear book that you can read fast and effortless.

However at each page you will find key learnings to understand your own reality, how each of us gets affected by our own environment and the often limitating power of the habits all of us acquired during the course of time within the family and the society we live in.

Overcoming our own “mental” limits is the first step to evolve and improve ourselves.

Reading this book helped me quite a lot during my growth process and to overcome my own limits.

Actually I was able to modify my mindset, my attitude as well as my goals by understanding the habits I had acquired over years of conditioning.

From this point of view Thomas’s examples and teachings were and are a real godsend.

Awaiting the print version to be made available in here you can find the link of the Italian Kindle story “Il Potere delle Abitudini” –

However should anybody prefer the original one here is the link to The Power of Habits” (

I wish you a pleasant reading and invite you to post here your comments related to this experience.

Thank you.