Self discipline is a skill and like any other skill it can only grow whilst you practise it.

from “The Power of Habits” by Thomas Garry

I think this teaching by Thomas Garry is one of the most valuable ones that I could read in his books.

Despite I consider myself as a tough one like nobody else I was not born like this.

For decades I have been passing from periods of heavy activity and commitment to parenthesis of limpness and laziness.

Despite my family education, the schooling and sports experiences I have been going through, I have always considered self-discipline as a “gift” rather than a “skill”.

As opposed to that, as Thomas states, self-discipline is a skill and not a talent.

So as we are used to growing our muscles, some exercises workout assure our self-discipline more strength, others more resistance and reaction readiness.

Each single exercise workout helps up improve.

Every day is like being at “gym”.

It is important to consider this aspect when planning our days and weeks; actually if we commit to that following a methodology and strictness our self discipline will be progressively and constantly growing, thus having us achieve really surprising results.

AS we do with our muscles the exercises we have to do must attain to growing difficulty levels and should be based on the previous advancements to be valued as practical, useful and sustainable.

In “The power of Habits” by Thomas Garry I could find very valuable hints and suggestions.

How do you train yourself? How much do you count on self-discipline to gain daily improvements?

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