Relationships are the key to everything.

Taking part in education events is of great value. To expand your network, your relationships, documenting on social media, is an almost unique fact.

I attended Marketers’ World, a 3-day seminar in Rimini on Digital Marketing and it was incredible.

First of all because we have been able to speak with people with similar interests as ours thanks to an App that the organization has made available to all the participants.

Then the contents were interesting and gave way to some ideas for the development of my current and future businesses.

Last but not least we also had some fun dancing and chatting.

Now I’m going to give you some hints.

Here is the first one.

Relationships are the most powerful existing multiplier tool. Both amongst human beings and in business.

The sum of individuals creates an even stronger potential. And being part of a community, an eco system enriches us and makes us stronger, more self-aware, more conscious of our ideas. Relationships therefore with positive, optimistic people, looking for opportunities and with whom to confront each other at the same level.

Creating the “alliance of brains” (Book), from which to derive ideas, developments, improvements that you would not be able to find by yourself and that can project you into an even brighter future.

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