How will your life change in 2020?

How will you change your life in 2020? What are you planning to do in the new year? Have you already got going?

Yes, because without acting, the objectives remain intentions.

I too used to start every new year with many good intentions to change my life, like most of the people do; but then after the holidays I was inevitably taken by the frantic rat-race and I forgot all the purposes I had thought of.

Finally I realized I was ok with it.

I did not really want to change, I had a good salary, I drove the company car and had 2 exotic trips per year, so why change?

But then something happened. I was made redundant and my life has changed.

Yes, I realized that for the nth time someone else had decided for me, so I decided that I would not allow this anymore.

So this was the push I was missing. I decided that I would build something for myself, to live a different life.

But in order to do it, I had to forcefully ACT.

And above all, do different things than before. Getting educated, acquiring skills that I did not have, investing in myself and on my personal growth. Changing friendships to meet people sharing my new way of seeing life and work.

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction states that anything you focus your attention on is drawn into your life and occurs in the physical world.

So if you are positive you attract positive and smiling people, on the contrary if you are often darkened you will attract people like you.

But don’t worry, this is something that comes by itself.

The moment you change your horizons, it will be natural for you to meet new people, to attend new environments.

The way it happened to me. Today I am constantly looking for new knowledge, new opportunities, new friendships.

I never get bored, I run my daily PC activities, I update my pages and my sales data, I go to auctions, I meet investors, I participate in networking events, aperitifs, I meet new people.

When I feel like it, I take the right time for myself, without asking anyone’s permission.

What a crazy life I lead, I wish you too.

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