How to capture and keep the interest.

Here is another extract from the seminar.

It is difficult to capture our main target’s interest but it is even more difficult to maintain it thus tying, making the target faitful to us.

Consequently to do this successfully besides being able to write an effective, intriguing copy, you need to have clear in mind who you are referring to, that is people’s brain.

Human brain is made up by 3 levels:

– Reptile: it relates to our instinct, it is the oldest leading us to the origins, it is not controllable, it is the level blocking us

– Medium or limbic: the seat of our emotions that can take over

– Neocortical: the level of rationality, makes you go far beyond, it is the deepest level

In order to create an efficient communication you need to mainly “talk” to the reptile level that is the first filter. But in order to maintain the interest you need to go beyond this level, how to da that?

By following the next acronym:

  • Innovation
  • Information
  • Entertainment

Always bear in mind that an innovative idea rouses curiosity at any time, it can be criticised or valued, in any case it is talked about.

In addition, Information is key, because it gives value and makes you credbile. The more contents, the more credibility.

Last but not least Entertainment is the seal, stories are crucial, each of us has his/her own with problems, joys, pains, above all negative anecdotes and how we solved them make us even more interesting.

The importance of the market positioning

Having a deep market positioning means to penetrate peoples’ minds.

What does “positioning” mean? Itm eans to have a clear mission and have it recognised by the market.

How do you build it? By properly answering 4 key questions

  • Who am I and Who do I want to be (my deepest identity)?
  • Who is my market and Who does it want to be (my customers’ deepest identlty)

If you manage to create a deep identity you will be able to attract people like magnets, because they will identify themselves in those values.

So before taking any action it is key to create a Meaning , a Why (Book).

This is the way to give people the change they ask for.

As a consequence this will allow you to attract coherent people with your deep identity and so you will be able to save time in the “selling” phase.

Summarising, the Big Tip is:

“Your Vibe Attracts your Tribe”

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