Getting educated during the Coronavirus lockdown

Continuing my education was a great way to live during the lockdown.

The results were positive from several points of view:

  • Personal branding training to improve the way I go to the market – by LeoVela-comunicatore
  • Training on video editing to improve the way I make my videos and with the right content – by Roberta Andreoni, video maker with smartphone
  • Concept Room: a unique format in which training is carried out to strengthen soft skills; moreover we network with other “open-minded” people – by Simona Amore, Stefania Spinelli, Luca Smacchia

This let me strengthen my presence on the Web.

How? By posting all the events I attended,with photos or videos

I increased my the video posting through the communication of my Values ​​(3 words which can be split into 3 more words and on and on.).

An incredible way to create never-ending, unique contents, because each of us is unique, therefore a Brand.

And then, my real take-away was to propose them in reverse order, because on the Web … no contents gets thrown away.

Actually due to the social media algorythm, only 3% of your followers see your posts, so your “friends” will see what you are posting today within a time frame that the social media defines.

This gives you a reduced but continuous exposure.

Hence the secret of working with the 3 words, through this procedure you create contents fully belonging to you and going on indefinitely

I have been having lot of fun making videos.

I have been shooting them with the aim of giving value to my professionalism with focus on some elements such as: voice color, storytelling, etc.

I feel I am much more effective now.

I have yet to work on their length, videos should last 2 minutes at the most, to prevent people from getting tired too early. It is a great job that I must not frustrate.

I have even managed to consolidate some new relationships with both professionally and humanly relevant people.

By relating to them I realized that the personal growth process I have been through so far is a factual one. Right now it is letting me confront with higher minds and relevant professionals.

I have changed as a person in the last 4 years, fortunately I decided I wanted to change and did not stay in a comfort zone that was not so..comfortable!

So if I summarise the key aspects of this historical phase I can say it was a really special time, I hope it never happens again, but it has taught us a lot.

As human beings we do not control anything, we must live our lives more lightly, trying not to be ..too serious.

Life is short, in an instant it is taken away, without realizing it, LIVE IT, LIVE IT, LIVE IT.

If you are interested in some topics, get in touch with me, I’ll be happy to reply to you.

Talk soon!